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Transfers of You and your Bags

You liked our pack mules in the picture?  Don’t worry, we prefer to use a minibus for transferts of you and your bags!

Transfer policy.
ransfer in Palermo airport is included in the price of the trip only for arrival of planes no later than 14, 00 (2.p.m.). If flight arrival is later then 14,00 and need to do a second transfer later, it will cost   80 € flat rate (cost will be divided by the number of customers arriving after 14,00:  if there is only one customer he will pay  the entire  fee, if more customers will be divided between them). This because in some cases we were forced to do till 3 different transfers in one day with planes arrived early in morning, afternoon and evening. The costs for us were really unsustainable.

From airport there is anyway possibility to reach Palermo railway/bus station with metro train (every 30 minutes, cost 5 €). Transfer with pick up from Palermo Railway/Bus Station (reached by metro by the rider) will be 60 €.

From Palermo Railway/Bus Station/Bus station it is easy and cheap to reach LASCARI or CASTELBUONO Railway Station (train every hour, 3 €). The cost of transfer from LASCARI or CASTELBUONO to MASSERIA GONATO is 20 € each one way.

Is possible to use also airports of TRAPANI or CATANIA  FOR ALL OUR TRIPS. For TranSiciliana to ETNA  is also possible to arrive and depart from same airport (Catania or Palermo) that are connected by very quick and precise buses with air conditioned, toilette. Who would like to use that airports will receive precise instructions on demand. You can find these instruction looking at Transfer Policy of each different trip.

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